Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bilderberg Conference Illustrated!

What an exciting three days! This Monday I was inspired by my friend and old classmate David Yanofsky to produce this illustration of the Bilderberg conference. He created this awesome infographic of the conference attendees, and since I have a penchant for drawing masses of political figures I decided to produce my own take on the subject. Three days later I came up with what you see below.

The orange man in the top B is the chairman of the European- American Meeting, Henri de Castries. Bilderberg is an annual meeting between politicians, academics, businessmen, etc., to determine better trade methods for America and Europe. This year it hosts such luminaries as Henry Kissinger, Tim Geithner, and David Petraeus. The meeting is a big focus of conspiracy buffs, who assume that such a secretive gathering can't be anything good.
For a better view, check out the enlarged letters below!




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