Monday, May 2, 2011


WARNING: Some of these sketches are of the Nude female form- I know I have been hearing from some younger fans lately so I just want to make that clear from the getgo- it's all tasteful, but I don't want an upset parent calling me up.

I just got back from my semi- annual trek out to New York and am happy to say I finished up another sketchbook (more images of that to come)! I wanted to share some of the sketches I made with you.

The American Museum of Natural History:

Figure Drawing from The Society of Illustrators:

Central Park (trying out this awesome new pen I bought):
The Metropolitan Museum of Art:


Coreopsis said...

Most fabulous drawings! Did you use a brush with the ink? Very inspiratitional! (I'm almost done with a sketchbook too--which I started at the beginning of the year; it might be a record for me).

Anonymous said...

you got wonderful stuff here *chapeau* i'll definitely be back! i wish there was something like the society of illustrators at my end offering such drawing sessions ...

i admit i am always puzzled by those "adult content warnings" for such figure drawings - or rather puzzled by the rather "weird" attitude of those people who call you up 'cause of something absolutely natural and normal on a piece of paper *shakingmyhead*

Alicia Stucky said...

These are so beautiful - ugh, especially the bottom page. Seriously breathtaking. I miss figure drawing so much.. :-/

Anonymous said...

I love the American Museum of Natural History. I go almost every week. The zoo is also a good source of art subjects but the animals at the AMNH don't move.