Sunday, May 29, 2011

For a Change of Pace- Mad Scientists!

I am a huge fan of the 1927 Fritz Lang classic METROPOLIS. As regular visitors to the blog will know, I am also a huge of German Expressionism- particular the artists who contributed work to the turn of the 19th century periodical SIMPLICISSIMUS.

So, seeing as how I have not done any personal work in a while, I decided something that would be fun to pursue would be a series of illustrations based on the characters from the film produced to have the same time-faded yet graphic look of those great old illustrations. It's a new challenge for me, as they involve more strenuous use of layout and flat color. At any rate I've enjoyed the results so far and wanted to share the first illustration with you.

This is Rotwang (it's a german name for Rosy cheeks, but still seems very tongue in cheek) the principal mad scientist and antagonist of the film. I wanted to catch some of his maniacal glee in the illustration really enjoyed drawing his robot hand.

Hopefully I will be posting more characters soon.


Margaret Hardy said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog and dealing with my annoying gift certificate at dick blick! haha. You have a nice body of work, best of luck to you in your career :) illustrators unite!

Coreopsis said...

This captures his maniacalness very well--great dynamic composition!