Saturday, July 4, 2009


You might notice some things have changed on the blog. This is related to some exciting news- I have a new website! You can check it out here-

In order to keep with my design aesthetic, I have adjusted the layout of the blog. I have some exciting things planned, and hope to keep you excited and surprised!




Louise Smythe said...

i really dig this new layout.

Shana Z said...

the new website is really great! glad you got it all up and working :)

Jenie said...

Looks great, Sam! May I give one, teensy suggestion? It'd be better if your animatic, blog, and websites on the Links page opened in new tabs...just 'cause sometimes we browsers do just that...browse, meaning we'll skim through what you want us to see while still wanting to view the other contents of your website. Besides that, kudos on a straightforward, navigable website. :)

Duncan Barton said...

Sam, your website rocks!