Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Series for The St. Louis Beacon!

Hello everyone- hope the holidays are going well for everyone. I'm excited to announce a new series for the St. Louis Beacon called "Snapshots".

Like "INTERSECTIONS", "Snapshots" is going to be based around different locales and experiences in St. Louis, but this time I'm aiming for a more focused approach based around specifics events, times, and places. I'm starting the series off with this illustration about Three Kings- an amazing pub on the Delmar Loop.


Margaret Hardy said...

This is really cool!! I'm excited to see more St. Louis illustrations, I miss my homeland. :) Nice work.

Jenny said...

I saw this on the Beacon website and knew it was yours before even seeing it here! Nice work, Sam

Jenny said...

wait, sorry, also congrats on the gig AND I just went to three kings over thanksgiving. The variety of interesting beers definitely is the high point. The food was just... standard bar food. Holla