Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tabloid! My illustration of the Movie

About a week ago I read this review over on about the new Errol Morris film "Tabloid" and was so intrigued that I knew I had to draw an illustration for it.

The idea of a camera focused on a camera focused on a crazy woman blew my mind. My creative urges soon got the better of me and I ended up pursuing what I originally envisioned as a spot as an epic "splash page" image. I like to think it functions well as a triptych.

I had a ton of fun researching costume and printing presses for this one- and decided to pursue a very flat color scheme based around some of my love for old screen print books.

I'm including the rough and some close-ups below.

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AHAviews said...

What a bunch of characters! The limited colour really works to energize and focus the eye.