Monday, November 22, 2010

Cherokee Print League Holiday Sale

Like Art? Like Local Artists? Wanna buy that illustration I did of the cards fan in cubland and stick it on your wall? SURE YOU DO. And that's why you should come out to the Cherokee Print League Holiday Sale!

It will be my first year ever participating in the event- and as a special treat/ insane departure from my usual work I am producing a screen printed edition of this illustration I made especially for the event-and, yes, I am considering a year-long project of Robots

(note: final silk screen may lack coffee-esque illo stains. sorry)

There will be a TON of other great artists at the event, from the likes of Dan Zettwoch, Molly Brooks, Scorcha, The FireCracker Press, All Along Press, Sleepy Kitty, etc.!
It's gonna be a great day, and you do not want to miss it! More info HERE.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Nice work. Your stuff looks great screen printed. I need to do this.

Sam said...

I actually need to post the finished product- dude your stuff would look amazing printed!