Sunday, June 27, 2010

UPDATE: Self-Promo Summer, Prints for Sale, and ICON!

June has proven to be a very busy, but very rewarding month!
First up, I have finished illustrations for St. Louis Magazine, River Styx Magazine, and my work is gonna be out in the next few weeks in CMYK 47! I can't show any of these works yet, but I am posting this recent personal piece I just finished up.

I have also been working on a lot of promotional material to send out for the summer and to hand out at conferences. Take a look! I have new postcards set up, the bulk of which have been sent out already, and a bunch of great new mini-cards from
My friend and former teacher John Hendrix was nice enough to loan me his button maker as well, so I've punched out about 400 buttons to hand out and sell this summer. I'm pretty stoked about these and so far people seem to like them.

Finally, if you have been wanting to get a Sam Washburn illustration in your own hands you will soon have the opportunity! The Beacon will be selling prints of 7 of my INTERSECTIONS illustrations at the Inaugural Beacon Festival next week! Be sure to stop by and pick up one of your own! There will be several different locations and events, all of which you can find out about here. You might even see me there as well!

Hoping to post some sketches soon, and keep you all updated. Cheers!


Jenie Gao said...

I love the buttons! And I'm glad to here you're having an exciting and productive month. Wish I could be there at the Beacon, but have fun and stay cool. :)

Keith said...

Just stumbled across your site. Brilliant work, and beautiful too. Inspired.

And look, the word verification I have to type in is WELUMALA, which I think is an antipodean folk dance to ensure the weaving goes well this season.

sunilo said...

Hey Sam. It was great meeting you at the conference.

Very nice blog, you've got a bright future ahead of you. Keep in touch!


Missy said...

Great illustration, love the perspective and fun buttons. I want a button machine! Sounds like you've been busy!