Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Challenge- Editorial Op-ed Explorations (EOEs)

Hey all- Working on some big illustrations right now, but can't post them yet. From time to time I like to challenge myself with an editorial assignment. My teacher, John Hendrix, would always suggest to us that if we were looking for an editorial challenge we should check out the Op-ed page of the New York Times. So I decided to see how fast I could turn around an idea from one of the op-eds.

I basically went with the first one I clicked on- called "Global Weirding is Here" by Thomas Friedman, published on the 7th of February. You can click the title to link to the actual article and compare how you think I did.

I was aiming for as fast a turnaround as possible and got this done in about one work day (b&w, newspaper format). Over all I'm happy with the concept- which took the longest to figure out. I'm looking forward to more challenges like this down the road.

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