Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New "INTERSECTIONS": First Night

Just finished this for the Beacon. Here it is for you to review, with some last minute alterations. The subject this month was the FIRST NIGHT celebration held in St. Louis. I tried some new methods of mixing traditional and digital media for this one. Looking forward to trying this stuff some more later on.


Thom! said...

Juggling! Yahoo!

Yo, Sam! If you're going to the big big St Louis first night, be on the lookout for Lazer Vaudeville - that's a juggling troupe from Boulder. One of my roomates will be performing! His name is Warren and he's a pretty cool guy.

Jenie said...

This looks great, Sam. Your color schemes are always very distinctly you. What I like about this piece in particular is how the juggler gives a really sharp contrast to your usual subtlety with color. Not too sharp that it's discordant, but just enough to make the whole image a lot richer.

Hope you're having a peachy time in St. Louis!

Sam said...

thanks guys!

Gavin Goo said...

Hi Sam, this is great. I love how you did the perspective of the whole illustration. A lot to look at :)

Love that Lion Dance.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Like'n it !