Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now for Something a little more Graphic...

Here is an example of work I produced for my graphic stories class.  The idea behind the work was to produce a personal narrative wherein we described ourselves using a graphic metaphor, ala the film about Bob Dylan I'm Not There.  It was a fun assignment, and I chose to use an example of my life campaigning for John Kerry when I was a youngn'. 
Most of all though, it was fun to draw the astronaut suit and try out a retro-spreadsheet layout for the color design and story layout.
More to follow, including my final illustration project of the semester.
tata for now
P.S.: I want to give a shotout to my awesome teachers from this semester
be sure to check them out, I owe them tons
John Hendrix:
Tim Lane:

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Louise Smythe said...

wow that's pretty great! hi from the studio. i never see you seniors that much since i'm in the back room, haha. awesome work, man.