Monday, October 13, 2008

New WUPR Cover!

Hey everyone- I've received some requests for t-shirts- and apologize for not getting back to everyone sooner. sadly, I was never in charge of actual shirt distribution, and, even more sadly, I have been informed the shirts have run out. Actually, I was lucky to get one. It odes provide interesting opportunities for later though.

In other news, I just finished the Election Cover for WUPR. I am pretty glad about it, because its becoming easier for me to get things done in an expeditious manner. I tried to take some more risks with this piece by adding lots of figures and using the standard, red and blue color palette for elections. Hope you enjoy-

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Annika said...

hey Sam I see you're enjoying the pre election madness & I really like the twister poster! The Academy crew from Ringling were the stars of the exhibit of course, I really enjoyed catching up with everyone, especially Jasmin! Her green painting I posed for at academy was in the exhibit so that was exciting. Great to see your work, hope all is well :)