Sunday, June 29, 2008

How far we have come


Here is my third piece form the academy. The concept, as presented from the great Gary Kelly, was to be assigned a color and produce  apiece that represents that color.
I received the color yellow. My early concepts involved the idea of cowardice, particularly involving the idea of a cowardly boxer (yellow belly). Gary helped me refine the idea to a more universal idea of a humanoid coward, backed into a corner. 
After trying to develop a figure using ink in the fashion of Gibson or Flagg, I ended up looking to Polish Posters on the last night for inspiration (a thank you to Sterling for this suggestion). 
Many of my Wash U friends will recognize the style here is reminiscent of my sketchbook. 
However, please notice the more refined nature of the line work! Things are much more orderly than usual (save for the legs, which are itching for a redo that I want to provide ASAP).
After finding a 50s war movie called ATTACK, the type fell into place. This area also shows me bending the rules a bit, providing potential for growth. 
after alot of time working on pose and composition, this pseudo polish poster sprang to life.

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